"Death Tunnels." (My First Posing)

This is the Original

This one I used the fill tool in GIMP to make it look a lot darker.

Please tell me what you think, my first time posing.

Dudes all need finger posing and you should really turn up your graphics. If you experience FPS drops then just up them for the screenshot and then return them to their previous settings. The muzzle flare is also pretty off but you’d need to ask someone much better at image manipulation than me for advice on that.

Posing is pretty decent though.

Thanks for the input!
I’m pre-sure my graphics are all on max though…

Okay so, NEVER ever use the fill tool to make it darker. If you have GIMP, mess with contrast and brightness settings. Back up and zoom in a bit more, and also, I would double check those graphics. It’s not THAT bad, it’s far better than some others I’ve seen.

Thanks for the Input! :3
Just trying to learn the ins and outs.