Death With Style

Can’t really say much to be honest with you, Dakarun(friend of mine) asked if I could edit one of his shitty ass poses(Just joking mate, ;D).

So yeah, we did a collab, he does the pose, I do the editing, or “shefing” as some people here call it…

So… Here’s the edit(s):

And two made up randomly for typography art reasons(Really into vector art work):

And Mr.Dakarun himself should follow along and post the original… >.>

Cool, but maybe better muzzleflash.

Ugh… the horrible posed image of mine (Initialy I thought he was just going to show me how to create muzzelflashes in PS)

And why is he getting boxes, give that man a plank with colors!

Yeah, honestly now, that’s the shittiest, smallest, and un-realistic muzzle flash I’ve ever done.

The muzzleflash is pretty bad. it’s too small as pointed out, and it’s pointing in the wrong direction. There’s a pretty simple way to make an all-right muzzlelash if you don’t have the means and/or skills to post-edit the pictures. Use an emitter coloured transparent, and to be sure, take a few screenies so that you can choose the better muzzleflash(es).

As for the edit, which this thread seems to be more about, It’s good. It looks pretty natural (and the pose isn’t shitty). Also props on that lens flare-y effect, much more subtle and realistic than a superimposed-looking lens flare rape.

The area of the gun is a tad too dark though.

I’ll have to add that the title isn’t all that descriptive I’m afraid.

The colouring is nicely done and I like the text. However the shell casings appear to be huge and he could be gripping the gun a little tighter.

the dof is bad but I like the rest of it. except for the muzzle flash.
you have potenshul

Did the DOF using photoshop’s blur tool + Some feathered selecting & Gaussian blur - Pretty much the same with the muzzle flash, just got some random fire resource and blurred/smudged it like fuck.

the bullets shells are in the wrong way
also i never saw an automatic Kimber before…

The bullet shells are supposed to go that way, if you have Larry’s ultimate weapon pack, check out pistols and then the Glock 24 I belive.