Deathbox - Team Deathmatch Gamemode

I was thinking of a general team deathmatch gamemode that utilizes web interfaces to add leaderboards and maybe a point system for wins and mvps. A team can be formed with your friends to compete against others with the same amount of players. Any amount of players would do so if you have 10 people, youd be matched with 10 others plus or minus one. A queueing system would make it so that anyone waiting for a match can be put into a free for all situation until their match is ready. Weapons would be chosen via a menu and players would have a money value per round so they are limited to the weapons they can buy per round. The web interface would also allow players to bet with points won in game (no real money trading or point buying because illegal) and add cameras that could stream the game to the site. Let me know what y’all think! :grin: I believe i have the ability to make it a reality :slight_smile:

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Then do it, instead of asking if you should, if it’s what you want to do you don’t need the agreement of strangers on the internet.


I don’t see a problem in asking if there’s interest rather than spend a bit of time working through it to find out its not worth. No need to be like that.

If you’re passionate about it you wouldn’t care about if it’s popular, you have an idea in mind and want to realize it, the players will come if it’s good.

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You’re not wrong :thinking: however input is still useful regardless. :slight_smile: There’s plenty to be built onto the idea and I wouldn’t mind getting someone else’s opinion