Deathclaw + bonus hats!

Thats right, it’s the deathclaw ported over from fallout 3!

Thanks to nexus for helping with it.

The finger poseing is buggy, but it…half works.


The bonus hats:

( Slave collar isn’t a hat i know, shut up >:C )


I plan on doing more mutants of the wastes, so look out for those in future

Oh sweet. now we need a NPC out of it :smiley:

YES! Oh man, we’ve been wanting one of these for years. Next, I’d suggest…maybe a Trog?

I fucking love you! Finally there is one for use!

“Get this collar off me!” Explosion with random gory bits

So didja fix the finger thing then?
Also, I love you.

Sweet. Nice job.




YES! Finally! Thanks abunch, DLing!

I see what you did there.

lovely hats.
downloading :slight_smile:

Fuck garrysmod, 680 bytes per second? It’s going to take me an hour and a half to download a ~5mb file.

Does it have animations like the mirelurk model?

Hey could you make the Feral ghoul Variants so i can skin even MOAR!?

Finally a good russian hat. Awesome job.

No no no, it’s a chinese commando hat


pl0x port feral variants(I am deathbucket) And i will wuv u forevar

Trog plz.

Madmanmad, if I didn’t love you before I do now.