Hey there, This is my first time posting screen shots so any posing or screenshot advice would be great!

And yes, I changed the model between pictures.

What do you guys think?

They are singing!

Apparently not well, those people look very scared/dead.

C&C naw; the pose on the claws look quite well, the posing on the citizen looks nice but the faceposing is quite not fitting and the claws of the Deathclaws should be posed.

Oh, in the second pic the Deathclaw is way to low, his knees are almost touching the floor.

Last pic. He is singing “New York, New York”

Work on the human face poses. Make the fear show.

You can pose their fingers?! If I would have know that…
And I couldn’t get the second picture’s deathclaw’s knees any higher up.

Edit: And faceposing is hard. D: Anyone know where I could find some tips or something?

I would like to help you with faceposing but I suck at it too lol

I’m new too! I think they are pretty good for a first! And I agree faceposing is a monstrously hard for us new people, and some less new!

Albino deathclaws.

Thats how deathclaws really look, fallout 3 ingame filters make them look darker.

It’s too light, you should try a dark map.