Deathly Warfare


Deathly Warfare, also known as DW is a team based gamemode. It features classic game types and new game types. Such as Capture The Flag. It is still under heavy development and is nowhere near completion but somewhere near alpha testing.

Deathly Warfare, is a team based gamemode consisting of: “Orange Legion” and “Green Platoon”.

Each team must compete with each other in the following gamemodes:

[li]Capture The Flag - Each team must build a base to secure their flag, but there must be a way in to get back to their flag![/li][li]Zone Defence - The more zones your team controls, the more points you get every 5 seconds, you can defend Zones with buildings again.[/li][li]Core Protection - Each team has a core they need to defend, they have to destroy the enemies core to win, you can protect your Core with buildings.[/li][li]Energizer - Find thorium ore to fuel (something) not decide yet.[/li][/ul]

Every player has their own individual level which can be upped by gaining XP from kills, captures and just winning. With levels, come skills. There are skills to make you build faster, skills to make you run faster and skills to make you kill faster.

There will be multiple resource deposits across the map that you’re team must collect in order to buy props/weapons/vehicles and other special items. Every single prop can be destroyed and repaired.


iRzilla - Everything
Intificial Artelligence/Chrome Bolt/Unib5 - Everything

Python1320 - EPOE
CapsAdmin - EPOE

[li]Steam Profile:[/li][li]Email: or[/li][li]Site:[/li][li]Facebook:!/TheReealMattStevens[/li][/ul]

Chrome Bolt:
[li]Steam Profile:[/li][li]Email:[/li][/ul]


I’m the developer, Intifical. I’ve been working on the HUD and mostly the player elements of the gamemode, like the construction.

It’s still very WIP and quite buggy, don’t expect to see a stable server anytime soon.


Suggestions would be greatly appreciated by the way.

Why does it say In-Mod for garry?

Because that’s Garry’s developer mod.


I have a few suggestions. Allthough I can’t promise any of these to be good.

  • Landsmines.
  • For Energizer: A doomsday device could be fueled to blow the other team to smithereens.
  • A limited grenade weapon thing that unfreezes/unwelds/unattaches all props in a radius. Could take down a carefully constructed base with ease (allthough turning it into a physics-fest, could be intense though if it won’t lagg.)
  • Random gamemode idea where a team of 1-4 people have a lot of recources and insta build, where they have 1 minute to create a base before the rest of the players have to assault their core. (Survival sort of)
  • Buildable sensors that emit an alarm sound when an enemy is within range. (Useful to keep the core secure?)
  • A reviving weapon like defibs in Battlefield.
  • Buildable Manhack factory (?)

Seems awesome :v:

  1. Probably.
  2. That’s along the lines I was thinking of. I like it.
  3. Could change it to a grenade that increases of the damage (perhaps upto 3x damage) of props affected?
  4. Possibly.
  5. Better yet, auto-turrets with varying weapons.
  6. Build-able individual spawn-points will be implemented.
  7. NPCs just get pretty chaotic. Definitely manhacks.

I like it so far. Hopefully this wont fail.

Seems like a instant hit, though I would be worried about the re-play value. Also Unib5 changes his name a lot.

I’ve actually only changed it those 3 times across 4 years.

It’s still very content less at the moment, and that should hopefully add more re-play value once we get it sorted.

But choas is fun :saddowns:

Chatoic = Laggy, NPC’s lag like hell…

As iRzilla said, not so fun for the server load.

As I rethought the manhack idea, I might have another suggestion.
Limit to 1-2 manhacks / team and they are used as automatic recource gathering drones.

Or should I just drop the idea that manhacks will fly around there?

Very cool gamemode indeed!

Drop the whole idea of NPCs. They just aren’t worth it.

If they’re simple things, I could probably make a SENT to operate basic tasks.

That’s what I was thinking more on the lines of. The auto-turrets would be mostly definitely SENTs because they to be able to be repaired, and use differing weapons.

(Caution! - Bhed Ing-glish)
I’m looking forward to play this gamemode. (Nah, I don’t think this gamemode will release for server. Like Nox Teamplay server CTF.)
Oh… This year is ‘Year of the gamemode’ Dogfight is back, Radioactive Sandbox, and so on…
Man… This Awsome.