Deathly Warfare

Your post barely made any sense at all. You missed out so many words.

But yeah. It seems that it will be restricted a future community and not available for public download.

First I saw the “Deathly” in the name and thought this was a generic bad DM gamemode at most. A “script this for me” request at worst. Now I can say it looks cool and awesome. Cant wait :>

Looking good, the name, as Falchion said, is not really catchy, but I’d like to try this.

Yeah. The name really sucks. I was intending to change it sometime.


No. You can do almost as much with a SENT than what is required of a SNPC.

We don’t need NPCs.

I always read the title as “Deadly Warfare” not “Deathly Warfare”. Gimme books.

You’re right I just realised that too!

Your misreading is actually a start on a better name.

Damn I thought about Deadly Warfare some time ago as name for my gamemode… oh well, I’m glad to see someone else having the same idea for the name but with better contents. It looks like you’re putting much effort in this, go ahead.

Was thinking: “Super Happy Fun Party!”


Excellent. Really grabs the feel of the gamemode. :downs:

No, really. We could do with some suggestions.

Complementary color combat

Interesting. I’m think of changing the colours for this gamemode though. The orange is not friendly with dev textures on maps.

Looking good there. I can’t think of many suggestions, though. Who is mapping?

Me and Chrome :V

Not to sound too cocky or anything, but we can make quite a significant amount of the content ourselves. We will need mappers once it’s finished, for more detailed and larger maps capable of handling vehicles.

Now thats allright as green and orange are not complementary colors anyways.

I was thinking more not colours, but actual factions and possibly upto 4 team gameplay. Could take a while to implement though.

Classes, full customizable etc… Classes are like characters, each have their own level that can be gained etc…