Deathmatch Gamemode

Basically, I want to create a deathmatch gamemode that utilizes the vast amounts of SWEPS created for Garry’s Mod. The idea is to have a weapon menu and having it so you gain cash from killing people, but lose your guns when you die. (people shouldn’t respawn immediately.) There’s the potential for weapons of any kind, and probably for powerups as well. Ideally, people should be able to add/remove weapons easily from the gamemode, as it would be a pain to have to update the gun list every time you added a new one. (Perhaps cache a selected folder?) Something else that would be nice to see in it would be a character selection menu. (I.E., be able to choose various characters from Half-Life 2, Halo, etc. Perhaps also cache if possible like the weapons.)

Ideally, the person running the game mode should be able to configure the list of weapons/characters/powerups easily. (Prefferably without having to edit code, but if not, oh well.)

This is an idea I experimented with previously, which seemed to work well in multiplayer; people did like it. The only problem is that I’m not very good at LUA and it ended up being a total mess rather than an effective gametype, so I’m hoping that someone on here would be willing to code it and set up the stuff. I can photoshop menu icons and stuff and get it ingame, but I’m not much use for any coding. I would really like to see this come to fruition, but I don’t have the skills to pull it off without making a mess and breaking things because I’m like a blind person trying to drive a car when I try to code LUA.

Good idea, Would be fun !

Just wait a while someone will make a smart arse comment about “just buy HL DM” or something just wait :smiley:

But Good idea :slight_smile:

“just buy HL DM”

…hehe, I’d like some mindless violence, would be fun… as Charlie said…

If you want a couple of pointers with Lua, give me a pm…

It’s not hard to do it yourself.

I’m sorry, but I already tried my hand at it. I am simply not a coder; people have tried to help me before and I simply don’t get it. I do 3D modeling/animation/etc., not so much for coding stuff. I can get small things done, but that’s it. I never figured out how to even make scrolling menu selection stuff, to be honest. The old gamemode is simply too much of a mess to work with as it is, not to mention some of the guns don’t work totally right… or not at all. :confused:

Aside from all that, I’m currently working on a mod for Halo Custom Edition, and I don’t have the time to invest in much else. (Considering I’m a one man team for it basically.)

Wouldn’t that just be like Sandbox with GCombat? Or are you doing something more in depth?

Something like that, but it’s more aimed at making the guns cost something instead of people being able to just hop onto the menu and choose what they want. I suppose there’s room for building contraptions; I never managed to get the toolgun to show up with the rest of the stuff in my gamemode.

Sorry, but that’s not very constructive, not everyone finds it easy.

Anyway… It’s a shame because I can see it working well in Fretta perhaps… As it wouldn’t need complicated scripting really… Would it?

So… Like an RP gamemode mixed with Gcombat? Not to be an ass, but that’s been done. Just mix DarkRP or RP-X and Gcombat.

He didn’t say it was RP anything, just a quick shooter where you try and get kills for a better gun, like GunGame, but with a twist… As I said, a feasible addition to Fretta.

Sounded that way, “making guns cost money” made it seem that way. Unless he was referring to a CS:S lookalike.

It’s a mix. Kinda like gun game, but I dislike not being able to choose my weapon when I want to. Plus, with the wide range of SWEPS you could have, this can be hilariously funny. (For example, let something like the inebriator or drunken rocket be buyable; it adds a twist.)

I love it, I would like to have a go at this, as a side project… If that’s ok?

Sure, I’d be happy to see someone do it. If you need images made for it, let me know. I’m pretty good with photoshop and I can easily work things into the source engine.

ll7 I am not sure if this will be finished (i like this idea)
(like some sort of everygame dm type css gameplay in one game).

But could you please release the Halo 3 Beta M6G Swep when you finished it?
That could be really good if you did.

Not releasing it would be like not releasing a game to the public when it is ready to be released.

Basically, Modular Combat?

I think this is a great idea. I hope that someone does code this.