Deathmatch-ish server?

Anyone know if there’s anything like a deathmatch server out there? If not, is there community interest for one?
Aiming is hard, I think it’d be great if there was a server where you spawned with an m4 and a couple hundred bullets.

Currently, this game isn’t really built for deathmatching, imo. The gunplay is not polished enough. However, if you look around the server subforum, sometimes hosters have deathmatch events.

The point of a deathmatch server would be to learn to shoot even with unpolished gunplay. :slight_smile:

To me, part of the excitement is defending what is yours and you worked for. If I have the itch for what your talking about I’ll load up battlefield 4.

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oh yeah, I wish I could remember the server for you, but I did run across a server that had an actual arena built that was massive all made out of metal.

This game’s gunfights are way less polished than BF4. The point would be to learn to use the weapons better so you can more easily defend what’s yours.

I would love a server where everyone spawns with, say, an M4, 250 rounds of ammo, and kevlar. Would be a great way to stress test a server if there was essentially constant combat going on, and you’d still be able to go build yourself a base if you really want to… just be good at building while getting shot at.

Not possible at the moment, but the Oxide suite that’s being developed might allow for something like that.

Well damn, you got me there :smile:

ya you look like you need help aiming