Deathmatch Server, Teleport to Arena, M4\Kevlar Starter Kit, Chicago,


Want to practice your run and gun techniques? Feel like shooting people in the face without fear of losing all your hard work? I have the perfect server for you!

We have created a death match server, just join, type “/starter” to get your M4\Kevlar, then type “/arena” to automatically be teleported to a random location in our arena. Interested to know how you’re doing? Type “/stats” to see your current KDR.

You’re welcome to go off and build stuff however this server is geared toward constant fighting with no regard to resource gathering. You can spawn an M4\Kevlar at anytime and then teleport to the Arena for some plain old death match fun.


Our site for more information and updates:

We’ve had over 20 people on at once, makes for a great time. Come join us!