Deathmatch type gamemode.. Idea's Needed

So i want to make a deathmatch type gamemode… and i need some more ideas… here are the ideas i have so far.

-Two teams, attackers and defenders

-Attackers choose how to attack, from land, sea, or air.
-Boats will have guns on the front and side… maybe…
-Helicopters will have 2 seats, like the WAC helicopter. Then the passenger can scout for people below. Maybe a small jet to go along for airstrikes.
-By land you drive jeep’s and maybe 1 tank. Once you arrive, the tank can attack and the jeep deploys troops.

-Defenders will get things like RPG’s, mortars, and more weapons to help defend from any kind of strike. They will also have the element of surprise of where they are hiding.

Those are all the idea’s i have right now… So post any idea’s you have and if you want to help, post here and ill talk to you over steam. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Let the idea posting BEGIN!

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Thanks _nonSENSE for the Optimistic? Anyways… i already have been working on a map for it… not ready for pic’s yet. Will post some soon


Defenders should be able to build a base, but can only place a set amount of props. Also they can place turrets and healers and things like that.

So how much have you done so far?
At the moment you are sounding like an ideas guy not a coder…

Here’s an idea. Make players explode into pieces if they take enough damage and have blood spray really high up into the air. I remember when noxnet was like that and it was awesome.

I was thinking of that, kinda like they can choose medic, assault, ect. Also, the map will have some old broken down buildings and stuff built into it. Maybe an old factory type building?

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I don’t have much done since im trying to figure out what else to do but i have made the outline of it and “base” of the gamemode. I don’t really have anything to show… all i need help with is the HUD’s because i suck at HUD’s :smiley:

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Sweeeet! I am definitely going to add this… but i don’t know how much that would lag… not sure… but i can try adding it and testing it on the servers.