Deathmatch... Unreal Tounament Style!

Remember that old game in 1997, Unreal Tournament? Do you remember how fun that game was?

Remember how fun the multi-player was? Remember the LAN parties?
Then remember the sequels? I remember how although they were fun, they just didn’t feel the same. Maybe it felt like another game? Well, I have seen newer FPS games like Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and they just weren’t as fun! These games don’t feel like you need skill (I’m looking at you MW2.), and the health generation seems cliche nowadays. The feel to the first Unreal Tournament should be brought back again to this new generation of players.

Maybe we can resurrect the Deathmatch gamemode by re-making it in the Source engine and a little help with Lua. this gamemode might feature:

-Slightly faster movement and higher jumps
-Maps that feel just like the original game (Like Morpheus or FaceOff)
-Sweps that function like the weapons from the first game
-Obviously the Dash feature.
-That Drum n’ Base/Trance/techno metal music.

I would do this, but I’m just not good at lua. I’ve taken lessons, but I’ve never really gotten into them.

I was actually thinking of creating my own deathmatch gamemode, maybe not so much like this but, all the features you said you want wouldn’t be all that hard to make either. Obviously we could put badass quake sound sin also :smiley:

Yes, Quake sounds would be badass, too.

Add me on steam, my username is vypr11