Deathmatch with leveling up and other awesome features?

I honestly don’t think anyone will do it, since it wouldn’t be that useful i guess. But i figured there’s no harm in trying. I was thinking of a sorta call of duty type thing ( not the game or anything, honestly not that much of a fan ) but with similar leveling up, you unlock different weapons, customizable upgrades, different player models, and everything pretty much be unlockable. I think that would be very fun to play.

Sounds like an RPG from CSS to me.

My group is actually designing a futuristic war type gamemode and we are going to be implementing a ranking system into it similar to that of Call of Duty.

This is the link to our thread:

We are looking for people that know how to do this and would be willing to share this system with others once it has been completed. I think that it would certainly be useful and make players want to play more on which ever server to be able to advance their character beyond just the terms of a DarkRP type gamemode.

Well, there used to be a gamemode called Realwar.
It was pretty awesome
But it got shut down randomly, so.

I think I remember playing RealWar, however I do not remember a ranking system in this game. Maybe I just played an early version.

Just levels, and points.
Points to purchase guns and levels to be able to purchase them… Does that make sense anyways.

I really wish It was back up D:

I might make the unlock different weapons with ranks, other people can finish the rest.

Cubar that would be good. and to the first guy who said something. I have played an rpg in CSS, it was not the same as what I am talking about. soo yeah. lol.

Can they keep the weapons after they rank?

Yes, but im only doing the levels and unlock weapons system.

By saying that you are doing levels, are you doing the actual experience system that will be used to gain levels, or are you doing just the level itself? Ex: What each levels unlockables are.

This is why I questioned you in the first place. You need to learn how to properly compose a sentence so there will be no more confusion when you choose to answer questions.

I already said the answer on what i was doing, infact im not doing this now, good luck.

Someone just needs to make HL2:DM for the EP2 engine. Nothing super fancy.