Deathnote Fortress 2

It was kinda old but I took a lot of time making this video. This video is one of my first gmod videos that I’ve ever made recently.

The animation is terrible and choppy. Also, maybe put in the dubbed version, and have face movements, instead of him just standing their awkwardly, talking while his mouth doesn’t move.

Well, it is a very old video that I made back then. Plus, there are some parts I’m a liittle lazy at and I’m still new to Gmod at the time.

Not to mention, I got Movies live movie maker and the regular movies maker(I never got Sony Vegas Pro).

But hey, at least I’ve learned a lot in my process of making videos with Gmod, at least that counts for something since I’m making a gmod series in youtube.

you totally improved in a month we totally see the improvements.