Deathnote Traitor Weapon

This is a weapon that you can buy in the Traitor store for one credit, it has its own icon and everything. When you buy it, when you type someone’s name in chat and they’re not traitor, they will be set on a timer and exploded after 30 seconds, killing everything in a small radius. I’ve also added a config file and TTT messages. You can see them in the video below.

NOTE: The name can only be typed in Public chat, team chat doesn’t work.
It can also be only used once.

Sorry for the music in the background, I forgot to turn it off.

Config file explanation:

Download links:
Before posting the download links, I would like to apologize if posting links is against Facepunch rules, I couldn’t find anything about that. Please tell me if links aren’t allowed, if so, I’ll remove the link.

Download Link
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Added an untested update for an anti death note weapon, need a server to test it on.**

That’s stupid… That makes the triator’s time easy. What the hell…

May I ask how would this make the traitor’s time easy?

Place a deathnote on a detective. Kills him + people around him. You get an extra point for the detective kill, repeat.

Also if its untraceable then even worse.

You can only use it once per round. It’s easily traceable, as you can only type the player’s name in public chat.

If you’re a traitor and theres one guy left, all you would have to do is type their name and they die. How is that not op as hell… Plus, once you see your name typed in chat you just have to wait there until you die?

It’s still quite simple to kill someone when you’re the last person + they still have 30 seconds to act.
If you see your name typed in chat, you can still KOS the person, is that not right? You still have 30 seconds to act.

I think one-hit weapons are okay in TTT, providing they require skill, have a certain downside or can easily get the player caught. I think it’s a neat idea, but it’d probably get quite annoying, especially if bought by multiple traitors.

Nice weapon! Don’t let all those negative comments stop you from coding. The ratings shouldn’t matter anyways. Just keep coding and enjoy it! Anyways, nice weapon.

Tony, the entire point of posting something is to get feedback, both negative and positive. If he can’t handle criticism, or people just in general not liking it, then he should take into consideration why that might be and change things. When you make something for the public, base it on the public.

This weapon is so weird, it’s not coded like a normal SWEP no weapons folder. all in lua/autorun

it’s also not a normal swep

Okay the only thing I can think of to make this weapon not entirely over powered is to make a complimenting D wep that maybe you spawn with, and it cancels out any current deathnote that is placed.

this requires a detective to kind of gamble on if the note was real or not, but also provides a counter measure.

Yes, I realize that, I was mainly just correcting the people who have commented, but for example the first person to comment just said it’s bad, not sure how that’s constructive criticism.

The weapon is coded in autorun, because it’s an equipment item and not an actual SWEP.

I actually though about making a counter detective weapon, I’m not sure how exactly it would work though. I’ll look into something, though.

Yeah, it made more sense after I added it and realized how it worked that’s why I edited it with “imdumb” lol, is there a way to give this weapon? I tried !give deathnote and !give EQUIP_DEATHNOTE

You could probably copy and paste a good hunk of code right from this and make the detective say a code word that cancels the current countdowns and find out how to make it dispose even if there weren’t any deathnotes queued (I guess it’d have to be in shop with description of said word)

No, unfortunately, you can’t give this weapon. You’d have to buy it in the traitor shop.

Added an Anti Death Note weapon for Detective’s one use, can use it on one player.
I’ll work on a way to give it now.

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What would you prefer seeing? The system the way it is at the moment ( detectives can prevent one deathnote ) or using the deathnote would drop a small book, which would either make a sound every 5 seconds or have detectives be able to locate it using the radar?
Destroying the book would cancel out the deathnote.

Sort of a late reply, but you think you should be able to murder someone just for typing a name? Plus, when they activate the weapon on you, not only can they still kill you, but if they fail to do it within 30 seconds they die anyways, so pretty much no matter what happens whoever’s name they typed in is doomed.

I just updated it with a detective weapon to prevent the effect from happening.

Weapons with no counter play aren’t good for the gamemode.

Can you please read my previous posts first? I said I updated it with a detective counter weapon.

I think the best part of this weapon is the icon :v:
Good luck on downloads

I know I’m saying negative comments shouldn’t make him quit. I guess motivation is dumb to some people because that’s all I get rated. <3 at least you’re not mean to me lol