DeathRace -GameMode Request

DeathRace 2008 GameMode Request For Garry’s Mod

Hey, I wish Someone could start making a DeathRace Gamemode? I know it would be great for garrys mod, but much great if its a Half Life 2 Modification as it own. There’s so many people who can model Vehicles, i could even find 3d DeathRace vehicles with cockpits. and theres alot of Pro-Mappers who can make deathrace maps?

GameMode Features:

Many DeathRace Maps
Actual Cars From DeathRace Movie
Actual Characters
Defense, Etc Icons on the Road

-> Suggest More Features Please !!

More DeathRace 2008 Movie Info:

I found A good 3d Models that i can Convert: The 18 Wheeler Truck, The Ford Mustang

I hope someone, or some group can make this, if you want help about 3d models, i can