Deathrun: Air strafe problems?

I own a fretta server with a deathrun gamemode on it.

Some people have been complaining that the air strafing isn’t working right, and that I have to edit something (such as a convar).

My question is, what do I edit? Or, do I edit anything at all and instead need a script?

Basically what I want to happen is that when a player jumps, they don’t lose the speed they were moving at before they jumped. e.g. If you jumped 5 feet and reached the peak of your jump, then did a 180 spin in a milllisecond, you would land right back where you started (maybe a few millimeters off). Also, if they jump, then hit “s” in midair, they immediately stop.

Thanks if you can help.

sv_airaccelerate 100


sv_airaccelerate does not exist. Type it in your console, it doesn’t auto complete.

The only accelerates i find when I slam “find accelerate” in console are these two:




which are both set at 5 and I’m pretty sure neither of them apply to my issue.

I think valve removed air accelerate from source 2007.

I think you might have to fake airaccelerate with lua. How is beyond me.

Q_Q anyone make me a code? :smiley:

Here I come to save the day.


Omfg thank you! <3