Deathrun - Because the last one I made was terrible.

oh god I hit submit
This is just a simple Deathrun gamemode, and I’m pretty sure everyone knows what that is. For those that don’t,

I made this gamemode because I didn’t like old one I made (here), and a lot of people ended up using it.

F1 Menu (You can easily change the text.)
Player List
If AutoJump is disabled by the server

Information (that is already inside the readme.txt)
This does not have any weapons by default. If you want to have weapons, download a weapon pack and name them that of the CS:S weapons. For example, if you have a weapon_real_cs_ak47, rename it to weapon_ak47 to be used. The gamemode does NOT spawn the weapons automatically, the map does!
If you don’t want to do this, you can of course have the gamemode spawn the weapons, but this means you will have to place them all manually. To do this, join the map you want to place weapons on.
Look to where you want it to spawn, and type in your console “dr_add_weapon weapon_name” - you MUST be a superadmin to do this. To save the weapon, look at it and type “dr_save_weapon” in your console.

Don’t forget to download some maps you can play! There are a lot you can find just by doing a Google search. Deathrun maps start with either “deathrun_” or “dr_”

Options (these may be outdated - the options inside the readme are always up-to-date)

dr_roundtime_seconds (default: 360)
Will set the round length, in seconds.

dr_highlight_admins (default: 1)
If set to 1, admins will be highlighted gold on the scoreboard and also have a shield icon.

dr_total_rounds (default: 10)
The amount of rounds to play before a map change.

dr_allow_death_suicide (default: 0)
If set to 1, "Deaths" will be able to kill themselves with the use of the "kill" command. If set to 0, nothing will happen with use of the command.

dr_allow_autojump (default: 1)
If set to 0, players will not autojump by holding down their spacebar (regardless if they have it enabled/disabled). I don't recommend disabling this.

dr_unlimited_ammo (default: 1)
If set to 1, primary ammo will not be taken when players shoot weapons. This won't work with default HL2 weapons.

dr_allow_death_pickup (default: 0)
If set to 0, players on the Death team will be unable to pick up any weapons aside from the crowbar.

dr_realistic_fall_damage (default: 1)
If set to 1, players will be damaged based on the speed at which they fall. If set to 0, the fall damage will be 10, regardless of speed or height.

dr_notify_rounds_left (default: 1)
Notify everyone on the server how many rounds are left as the prep phase begins.

dr_push_collide (default: 0)
If set to 1, when one player enters another, they will be pushed apart.

dr_death_rate (default: 0.25, minimum: 0.1, max: 0.9)
Percentage of total players that will become a death. The player amount is multiplied by this number, then rounded down.

dr_death_max (default: 6, minimum: 2 )
The maximum amount of deaths.

You can download the gamemode here:
GitHub (Most recent) (Always outdated)

Thanks alot! Do you recommend any weapon packs? I haven’t seen any simple ones around lately

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I found a simple one for anyone interested. Click here

Some requests!

  • Create an easy way to lower the amount of deaths that are chosen.
  • Allow admins to decide if they want full no collide or slight (Which is current)

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[ERROR] lua/includes/modules/killicon.lua:69: ‘CSKillIcons’ isn’t a valid font

  1. SetFont - [C]:-1
  2. GetSize - lua/includes/modules/killicon.lua:69
    3. DrawDeath - gamemodes/base/gamemode/cl_deathnotice.lua:166
    4. Run - gamemodes/base/gamemode/cl_deathnotice.lua:212
    5. HUDPaint - gamemodes/base/gamemode/cl_init.lua:86
    6. unknown - gamemodes/deathrun/gamemode/cl_init.lua:69

The first I can do, but you’ll have to elaborate on what you mean by “full no collide.”

This isn’t an issue with Deathrun. It’s caused by an addon, most likely the weapons you linked. An easy fix would be to remove any “killicon.AddFont” lines inside the clientside/shared files of the weapons. Of course, this obviously means you won’t have proper killicons- just the default one.

-ACCOMPLISHED BY SETTING ply:SetAvoidPlayers( true ) TO FALSE ply:SetAvoidPlayers( false ) in Init.lua line 75 or 76-

Added both of your requests, and updated the download.

I know you explained how to add weapon packs which is nice because servers can use a number of different weapons or custom ones. But could you add a default HL2 weapon just in case some servers do not add weapons? I know some DR maps require guns at the end and if they’re not there you have to wait for the round to end/slay someone.

I found a very serious bug. i will message you when you get on steam.


Out of curiosity, what is “AutoJump”?

RTV system dont work.
i think you should move the voice chat on top again also make it so you can change the death skins to death player model and able to change speed and jump… i cant find where it is so if its already there could you tell me were. also there are no guns that show up but thats easy to fix

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auto jump is were you hold the space bar down and you can jump with out having to press it but it dont goo that high

RTV is fine on my end, I’ve also played a couple servers with it on, and it’s fine for them. Care to specify?

AutoJump allows you to hold down your jump key and not have to press it again when you land. As the name states, you’ll automatically jump.

Embarrassing. I’ll upload a quick fix soon, which will be the last update that will get uploaded to After that, svn. The OP will be updated with the svn link when I finally do it.

i may of messed it up when i was editing some stuff i will just download a new one

Uploaded the fix. If you redownloaded before I did that, you may want to redownload (again) :v:

Apparently if I don’t overwrite the PlayerUse function, dead players can press buttons. So, you should probably use the one I just put up.

When ever an AFK player dies it says "killed by “Dragon Dildo” lawl xD

Which file do I need to look in, to change that?

in the cl_init.lua file

Thank you.

Also I really am starting to sound like a noob, But How would I increase the jump distance… This new Mode seams to reduce it.

in the init.lua line 60 you will be able to change the jump power

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may i ask why did you make it so there is only one player model and that you cant change the deaths model? im kinda confused with new deathrun game on editing it lol

It picks from 8 random male citizen models. If you want to change the model of a death, do:

hook.Add( “ChangePlayerModel”, “Death Model”, function( ply )

if ply:Team() == TEAM_DEATH then
	return "path/to/model.mdl"

end )[/lua]

Place in lua/autorun/server/

I don’t like having required content for a gamemode, so I didn’t add any custom models.

could you add a flash light and also make the voice chat on top cause the death wins and all of that is blocked by the voice chat

Flashlights already work…? Moving the voice chat is already on my list.

hmmm when i hit f nothing happens