Deathrun Button Claimer

Hello I am looking for a deathrun button claimer. I have been searching for a while and I have been unable to find a correctly working one. So I was just wondering if any of you would help me. Thanks :smile:

Bump! I need this guys

Did you know there is a search function on facepunch?
If you type almost exactly your title “deathrun button claim”, you will get 4 results.
The first result:
links to someone’s (I assume custom) button claimer thingy.
The second one says to search (oh hey there’s that again)
The third is a version of deathrun that includes button claiming
and finally the fourth is the (main?) version of deathrun that on the 6th page also has a button claim thing.

In addition, searching the exact same thing on google gives similar results that also include the information I provided above.

Next time, please check the basic areas.

Edit in case you were wondering where the search button it, it is directly below the main (menu) bar for facepunch. It is the fourth button below the title.

Thanks man! I honestly don’t know how I didn’t find this! I have been searching for weeks on either google and here, maybe I’m blind idk. But thanks anyways.

Facepunch is private now, meaning google searches won’t work.

Garry must have turned unregistered viewing back on