Deathrun Death Scythe - Anyone have it?

It’s on a lot of the deathrun servers, is it a private file or am I just not searching for the right thing? Going to attempt to use it to make my first swep. - I have the files for it now, but I’m unsure what those files are. I know the basic V and W model stuff, but I’ve never seen these files before, can anyone tell me what they are and if they can be used in a swep?

they are bzip2 files (compressed versions of normal files) you can just open them with winrar or 7 zip if i remember correctly
inside them is the actual file, but you also need a lua file for them, try to copy the code of crowbar to it and just modify some things, including what model it uses and
just put it ina shared.lua and in a folder, for example called death_scythe and put it in (i assume it would be gamemodes/deathrun/entities/weapons)