[Deathrun] End of round sounds (Problem)

All links are the pictures for the paths/directories of where the files are located.

Files and the Path for the FastDL (Download Them Perfectly Fine)

Path in the server

This is in “lua/autorun/server/dr_hooks.lua”

//Round Ending Sounds//

hook.Add( "OnRoundSet", "Round Set Example", function( round, winner )
    if round == ROUND_ENDING then
        if winner == TEAM_RUNNER then
        elseif winner == TEAM_DEATH then
        elseif winner == 123 then -- If the winner is the timelimit, it will be the number 123.
end )

I’m bumping this, i am having the same fucking problem…

Add a print( “Hi!” ) after the first line, to make sure the hook is getting called- see if “Hi!” shows up in the server console. Just to make sure nothing before that is stopping the rest of the script from loading, is that your whole file?

Nothing with the way you have the sounds set up looks incorrect, so I’m going to assume it’s an issue with the script.

Still didn’t work, the message wasn’t even printed to server console.

Script Coding:

Server Console:

It appears that you’re running the hook_examples.lua file, which uses the same hook name. Change “Round Set Example” to something else, and it should run.

Okay now its giving me:
*** Invalid sample rate (48000) for sound ‘netbreaking\death.mp3’.

Is there a specific sample rate that gmod uses? Or is that sample rate just to high?

No idea, I don’t know anything about modifying audio files.

Okay, well you were a huge help. It wasn’t working for a good week and a half so thank-you.
Time to re render these sound files then :stuck_out_tongue: