Deathrun Event Rounds

Deathrun Event Rounds:
This is a simple script that introduces ‘Event Rounds’ into deathrun. Currently theirs 5 events that can occur on a set round. Event rounds consist of special weapons, Big heads, Dwarfs… etc. A list of events will be posted bellow.

BobbleHead: Sets the player head to be huge.
Stunsticks: Gives all the players a stunstick for the round.
SuperSpeed: Speeds everything up by 2.5.
Dwarf: Makes the players shorter. (Not too short, otherwise teleports wouldnt work!)
Minge: Give the players bugbait, a harmless swep, makes them short, and a flat head.

Deathrun_EventRound - sets the round that the event takes place on. (Default is 1. Right before the mapvote)

You must have the Deathrun gamemode made by Mr Gash for this to work. Eventually I plan on making it compatible for all of the Deathrun gamemodes.

Updates and Bugs:
I plan on frequintly updating this addon, if you are having issues please comment them bellow, or shoot me a message on steam. I recomend using the workshop, rather then the direct download. Next update will consist of a GUI over hall, and maybe more events.


Direct Downloads:

I’d suggest making a GitHub, makes it easier to make updates and more trust worthy of a place to download files from.

Thanks for the tip, i’l sure look into it. I was attempting to make one last night, but around 3 am, I couldn’t figure out how to upload the files, it would block all the .lua files. Thanks again though.

Would be cool if you could make it compatible with this version!

Looks nice, but it shouldn’t be a little too hard for the death team, depends on the map they’re playing. Honestly, looking forward to this.

Sure thing!

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I honestly dont expect it to be that big of a issue, it only occurs once during the map cycle. However i’m willing to balance it, if I feel the need to down the road.