Deathrun Fretta

Is there a Gmod 13 version of this gamemode:

No, but there is a better one at:

No I don’t really like that one. I don’t like the way it has been coded.

No. You could always ask on this thread to get it converted, but it seems Dannyman and Robotboy are busy with other things.

Then either code it yourself, or pay to have one done.

Sorry if my wording sounds rude, was just trying to be blunt about it.

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Also, personally, I see nothing wrong with his coding, it’s actually fairly well done.

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Yea it is but I’m a noob and I have got used to the type in things like Excl’s Jailbreak.

That’s like saying you don’t want to use Java 7 because you’ve got used to Java 5. Just a tip for the future, broaden your horizons a bit; you’re not going to see the same lua coding style in every project you take up.

Yea, I know. I think I just need to expand my knowledge a bit more and I’ll get used to it!

Well if you look at the same code over and over you’ll learn nothing, if you want to expand, expand onto more code.

I can code allot of languages. But its coming to learn a new language which I get stuck on.