Deathrun & HomeStuck PlaySet

So basically I want to use these player models on my deathrun server… Not in the Pointshop but the same way they are intended to be used with the GUI that pops up when you spawn in. But, for some reason whenever players do /changeclass mid-game & choose a different model they’ll respawn (Not really a problem because most deathrun maps kill people when they stay in the spawn too long) but they spawn with physics guns & other weapons like a rocket launcher & smgs… I’ve contacted the creator of the models but he doesn’t seem to know. I’ve also contacted the creator of the deathrun to see if it might be something with the gamemode but he has yet to respond (Just messaged him the other day).

Deathrun Gamemode I’m Using -

Models I’m Using -

Also, I was wondering if anyone knew how to allow specific classes to certain ULX groups. Like ie; Donators get the 3rd class…

Please do not be rude. I am simply asking for help. If you do not want to help so be it but thank you to the ones that do <3 If you’d like to talk on steam feel free to add me. Its on my profile.

What does /changeclass do normally without the addon installed?

Nothing at all. But when it is installed the GUI for the PlaySet comes up.

I don’t know anything about Deathrun, but the problem is that the class changer gives the player their weapons without performing any checks.

for k, v in pairs(table.GetKeys(class)) do 
	class[k].Weapons = {}

Running this snippet after classes.lua SHOULD strip the player’s weapons on class change.

Okay. So I’ve figured out what was wrong. I had to remove all the weapons listed in /garrysmod/addons/home/lua/autorun/classes.lua.

Now… Can anyone explain to me how to restrict certain classes? :slight_smile: Bump!