Deathrun how to make players NO-COLLIDE?

Hey guys, I’m trying to make a Deathrun server run properly and I’ve been figuring out that people could push other people. I want to fix this. How do I make players No-Collide so they don’t move other players? Please help.

Apparently rate the people who try to help dumb and don’t post yourself is now the new cliche, so sure why the heck not.

Where do I place this at?


This is what you’re looking for.

Where do I place Player:SetAvoidPlayers( boolean avoidPlayers )?

What version of DeathRun are you using? It should be setting this by default in the init.lua GM:PlayerSpawn I believe.

ply:SetNoCollideWithTeammates( true )
ply:SetAvoidPlayers( push:GetInt() == 1 and true or false )

--Also creates this convar you can add into your server.cfg
local push = CreateConVar( "dr_push_collide", "0", FCVAR_ARCHIVE )

Sorry if this is not what you are talking about.