Deathrun LUA Error!

i just made a deathrun server, i joined and got too many lua errors.

i cheacked my command and found this error code:

[TGL]TenBoster lua error:

[ERROR] gamemode/gdr/gamemode/cl_voice.lua;146 attempt to call method ‘setbott
omUp’ <a nil value>
1.v -gamemode/gdr/gamemode/cl_voice.lua:146
2. unknow - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:82

dropped [TGL]TenBoster etc…

how do i fix this problem, i know the error is in that directory but what im going to change??

Show us the code for cl_voice.lua…

thanks, but now my server wontshow up on the menu list so people can joine. i can only joine my server, and i need to invite my friends. what do i change ?

Are you running it on a listen or source dedicated server, if you are using a host you will need to toss them a support ticket.

i can find my seerver on the internett list now :slight_smile: but their’s 2 deathrun list and my deathrun server is in the wrong deathrun list. what do i do??

Oh thats an easy fix… I own Tacky Gaming Deathrun server and all you have to do is just change The file name and the info.txt settings

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thanks mate :slight_smile: