Deathrun Map Names!!

I started up a Deathrun server and I remember a very long time ago I loved certain maps in particular that I really want for my server now but I don’t remember their names!

One was the one where the shark jumps out of the ocean and lands on you? It’s sort of like a jungle, but once you pass that part then you’re in a cave.

Another one is a jail… I think? Maybe if you know of any jail-like maps then please list them and I’ll see if they’re what I’m looking for.

The last map is an office. One of the traps is a chair that flies around and absolutely destroys everything in its path!

Please help me out if you know which maps I’m talking about. Thanks!

  1. deathrun_prison_break.bsp ?

Step 1: think of 1 good deathrun map.
Step 2: google “deathrun_prison_break.bsp.bz2”
Step 3: Theft. (go to the right page)

Many many more, was just an example.

I don’t know if it’s wrong or anything, but you can find quite a few community fastdl’s by googling map names, which allows you to download a lot of suitable .bsp files in one go.

Nah, you could do the exact same just playing on their server. Although it’d be lame if they’re hosting it off a VPS with limited bandwidth and people just used it to grab maps for their server.

Well them they shouldn’t let google index the folders :wink:

Anything I need a map file I get them this way, much quicker from / fpsbanana / workshop etc.