Deathrun Mapping Help

I made my deathrun map with traps and buttons. But how do I make it so deaths spawn in a certain area and runners in another? Also how do i make the smgs respawnable so when they pick it up, it doesn’t just go away. I appreciate any help.

Well, for example, if you had a large ball crushing people, rather than making a trigger_hurt, you could surround the sphere in a trigger_teleport. Make sure it is only slightly larger than the ball. That way, when a player touches it, they teleport to wherever you want them to.

Is that what you meant?

Thanks for trying to answer, but thats not exactly what I meant. You know when u make a map, you add info_player_start around the map so when people join the map, they spawn in that exact same spot the info_player_start is. Well, people spawn randomly to any info_player_start. How do i make it so deaths dont spawn in the runners positions, and vice versa?

With a script most likely. Just make it so they don’t die, they just get teleported to a room or something.

Sassilizaton’s deathrun script works so that it recognizes Counter-Strike: Source maps. The runners are info_player_counterterrorist the deaths are info_player_terrorist. HUR. Just decompile a legible CS:S deathrun map so see how things work, just don’t copy shit like a dick though.

Awesome, just what I was looking for. That’s the main deathrun server I play on anyways and what sorta insired me to make a deathrun map. Thanks for the information.