Deathrun maps broken?

when i play on helix and you press the trap that the balls fall down, the balls don’t break at all they just stay on the ground…
This happends since yesterday when i removed the graphs folder accidently but i added it back… what do i need to do like in other maps when you need to destroy something to pass it it wont destroy at all…

When you press the ttrap it suposed to let balls fall down and destroy the balls but the balls stays…

When you hit this wheel it suposed to break it doesn’t …

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Well remove the graphs folder and let the map regenerate whatever it needs.

what do you exactly mean remove the folder and than?

Go into your maps folder, find the folder named “graphs” inside, then remove that and relaunch the map. It’ll automatically remake the graphs folder. Also, this belongs in the help section.

i did this and it stil broken i have no idea what to do to be honest all i know is that i have a folder called graphs that the files are in there with the .ains there is no bsp in there which was kinda weird…

what tickrate are you running the server on and what is the contents of your server.cfg file?

here another screenshot please… someone help me with this iit iritates the players that the balls don’t break
it’s hard to pass it sometimes…

Here are new screeenshots ! i stil have problem with this for 1 week now ;( i hope someone can help me with it really it destroys the gameplay for peopel if they’ can’t pass some traps.

Frist screenshot: Normaly when you hit the glass it wil break and you wil be able to pass but now if you hit the glass it wont break you can’t walk in it :/**

Second screenshot: Normaly when you hit the woood it breaks also and it will make you able to pass it now when you hit it it wont break… and this is with maps that all have those traps that you need to hit to make you able to pass they don’t break at all? what i need to do for them to be able to break when you hit it with your crowbar?

anyone that can acutally help?

Here are the logs maybe that can help?

try responding to what people are asking you

What are you talking about i’m having this thing 1 week now noone is able to help at all like :confused:

And the graphs folder does not contain .bsps, just delete the graphs folder if you have not already. (It’s what another user asked to do)

have you tried posting more screenshots of the problem?

those are all the screenshots and @eligrand i deleted the graphs folder and it came back with .ains files and the map folder ther is .bsp’s it stil not working walls glasses balls that are suposed to break they don’t break it’s hard for people to pass if it doesn’t break obviously

Well, the other option, have you tried giving out your server’s tickrate and server.cfg like Arizard asked a week ago?

yeah he asked something i can’t answer what u mean give out your server trickrate and server.cfg??

We might be able to help if you can show us your server.cfg file and tell us what tickrate the server runs at.

Strange things happen on servers which run at 100 tick, especially with deathrun, so you could try making sure that it’s 33 or 66 instead.

As for the server.cfg, it could be a setting which affects the way breakables are created by the map.