Deathrun maps have no guns and you cant pickup secrets or items!

Hey guys! I need help bad. I made a deathrun server. I setup everything except for editing the deathrun config or adding guns. I completely forgot. Please help!

So I added all the css sweps from an addon pack. like weapon_knife. I just need help with adding them! In my console it just says that it attempted to give people weapon_knife and stuff. Where should I put my guns ? What do I do!

If you can help join my server pw: Pheonix

Yes I know Phoenix is spelled wrong

Why not just, mount CS:S?

I’m extremely stupid, but how?

Add the CS:S content files to an accessible directory, then edit your mount.cfg

Dumb it down a bit please. So, I need to put the CS:S content files into a file.

  1. Where can I get the CS:S exact content files(I have CSS Installed on my pc)
  2. What would be considered a accessible directory?(

Make a new folder in “/” called ‘mount’ or whatever, then:
Connect to your server through SSH (PuTTY) and download SteamCMD -

launch steamcmd (./
(In SteamCMD)
login anonymous
force_install_dir /mount
app_update 232330 validate
~Wait for it to download~
Exit steamcmd

Edit your mount.cfg file with the correct path.
Note that the folder you need is called “cstrike”. The download will create something such as: “/mount/Counter-Strike Source Dedicated Server”, and inside of it you will have the “cstrike” folder. You can put that folder in /mount and delete everything else

How do I login with putty? It just asks me for the host name not like the ftp password or anything…

Soo… enter the host name?
Then login as root. This is VPS stuff it’s not even gmod related anymore…

Well I ask, cause whenever I attempt to login, I am told my access is denied, like my password is wrong. I can assure you I put in the right password! I even reset it.
Edit: THis is all I get:

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So I mounted it, but it still isn’t showing up, none of the weapons.