Deathrun - Not another one!

Hopefully everyone knows what deathrun is, but in case you don’t here is a short explanation:

In this gamemode, there are 2 teams; Citizens and Combine. Citizens should
avoid the deadly traps on their way to the end, where they confront Combine. Combine
however, will try to stop Citizens by triggerings all sorts of deadliness, killing The
Citizens before they can reach the end.

I made this gamemode, because I do not like the way to other one works and now I’ve decided to release it to the public.

• Players can spawn x seconds after a round has begun if no one has died.
• Map secrets works.
• Button claiming system (only the player who claimed the button can use it).
• SMGs are automatically placed on the map (where they are placed on CSS).
• Supports PointShop and gives currency on win or when killing a player (amount customizable)


Team Selection (shown on join and F2):[/thumb]

Waiting for players:

Claim system (before claiming):

Claim system (after claiming):

Scoreboard (default without custom colors):

Scoreboard (with multiple players - custom colors):

Map secrets:

It’s recommended to download a mapvote system, so players can vote which map they want to play, below are both free and paid voting systems confirmed to work out of the box with the gamemode.
If you have made a mapvote system that works with this gamemode feel free to contact me to get it added to the list.

BlackVoid Vote



dr_round_limit (default: 10) - Total rounds per map
dr_round_length (default: 420) - Round length in seconds.
dr_round_post_end (default: 10) - Seconds between round end and round start.
dr_round_pre_start (default: 1) - Seconds between spawn and round start.
dr_initial_spawn_length (default: 30) - Seconds a player can spawn after round start (if no one has died).
dr_minimum_players (default: 2) - Minimum players for the game to start.
dr_player_to_combine_ratio (default: 8) - Ratio between combine and player count.
dr_realistic_fall_damage (default: 1) - Damage based on speed.
dr_spectate_own_team_only (default: 1) - If 0 both teams can spectate each other.
dr_currency_per_round (default: 75) - How much currency each player on the winning team gets.
dr_currency_per_kill (default: 20) - How much currency a player gets per kill with a weapon.

– Clientside:
– Background of specified player’s row. Default color is team color.
function GM:DeathRun_ScoreboardBackgroundColor(ply)
return Color(0,0,0)


-- Called when round stars.
function GM:OnRoundStart(round) end
-- Called when round ends.
function GM:OnRoundEnd(winningTeam) end


-- Called when players are spawning.
function GM:OnPreRoundStart(round) end

-- Called when next map should be loaded
-- Return next map as string excluding ".bsp" or false to handle mapchange yourself.
function GM:MapVoteNext()
	return "deathrun_atomic_warfare"



Looks very well made, and pretty! I like how you’ve gone down the route of “Citizens & Combine” opposed to “Runners & Deaths”.

Looks great, but you might want to add ply:SetNoCollideWithTeammates( true ) so people don’t bump into each other when jumping.

It’s already implemented, but in another way. Here and here.

I recognize that hud.
That was for some kind of BF3 themed 7-hour-war HUD.

The inspiration for the HUD came from a HUD someone made in the WAYWO and some elements from BF2.
I also posted the HUD in the WAYWO thread, so that might be why you recognize it.

Seems to be some issues with the map changing after 10 rounds

Working as intended. The map is automatically changed to a random map after 10 rounds or w/e the convar “dr_round_limit” is set to, if no map is returned in the hook “MapVoteNext”.

Do you mind accepting my Steam Invite? :slight_smile:

Fix has been pushed for map not changing after round 10, if the mapvote hooks are not used.

Possible to get this to work with fretta map vote systems?

Can you post a link to it and I’ll take a look at it.

´where can I activate B-Hop ?

There is no auto-bhop and there won’t be one. If you want to bhop you’ll have to bind your scroll to jump and learn it the hard way.

Possible functionality for Kmapvote by Kamshak?

Addons should work with gamemodes, not the other way around.

As Matt said it’s something the makers of the addons will have to add, more than enough hooks exists to make this possible.
I’ve made a commit to the dev branch (untested) which should make it possible to have mapvotes which starts when the last round ends

Very nicely coded, good work.

Just a suggestion, I feel you should make it so that people have an option to disable/enable the use of CS:S weapons on specific maps, because on some maps I’d like to use default CS:S weapons that spawn at the end of the map, etc maps that require snipers make it a pain in the ass to shoot…

I implented it, if you want it, throw me a message on steam