Deathrun - Not another one!

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Uhm, default CSS weapons don’t exist in Gmod, as far as I know. If you want different weapons to show up, find a swep pack you like and change the names to match those in the map

If you download a pack with CS:S weapons you can delete the entity folder(s) for the weapon(s) you want to use.

I mean, it replaces them either way with the gmod weapons.

Looks pretty neat, good job.

Quick question though, why is it called DeathRun if you don’t run from Death(s)? And why is the convar called dr_player_to_death_ratio again if there’s no deaths?

Also, console is spammed with table is nil or something like that, and it crashes gmod when you open console, might wanna fix that.

You should post the actual error. Might wanna think next time.

New version has been pushed.
• Weapon replacement system has been cleaned up (modify which weapons should be replaced in shared.lua)
• false can be returned in hook MapVoteNext to let the map vote system handle when the map is changed.
• dr_player_to_death_ratio is now dr_player_to_combine_ratio to please >>oubliette<<'s ego.

Finally a good unique Deathrun since the demise of Sazz servers. The current ones are cheap and boring.

This honestly looks like one of the best Deathrun gamemodes in a long time… Good-job buddy!

I was thinking, As I said game crashes when I open console, you don’t have to be rude about it, I said that it says something to the effect of table is nil in red text, and spams so fast that it crashes gmod within 5 seconds, yeah tell me how i’m supposed to post the actual error.

I can’t fix an issue where you can’t tell me how to reproduce nor give me any error messages. It sounds like either it’s another addon causing it or you’ve modified something.

I’m telling you, the errors only come from your version of deathrun, it spams about 500 messages in about 10 seconds saying table is nil / table is nil / table is nil / table is nil, what more information do you need… I’m telling you exactly whats going on and you can’t fix it? It isn’t another addon, considering you know… I don’t have any other addons, I only have your deathrun, I know what the problem is, i’m telling you it spams about 500 messages in about 10 seconds, crashing console when opened.

What do these errors mean…?

Using ptp css weapons

  • for some reason, the mapvote isnt working for me

You need to remove all weapons included in the weapons pack from GM.weapons in shared.lua.

There is no built in mapvote system, if no addon hooks into the gamemodes mapvote hooks it will select a random map after round 10 ends (or whichever maximum amount of rounds has been set).

ooh haha i thought i have to add the ones which should spawn :smiley: thanks

I have now pushed an update which has slightly modified the way mapvoting systems should hook into the gamemode.
The hook “StartMapVote” has been removed and OnRoundStart or OnRoundEnd should be used to start the mapvote. MapVoteNext should be used to either return mapname or false for the mapvote system to handle it.

I have also released my voting system (really basic) on GitHub, which works out of the box with the gamemode.

which files to replace?

Don’t know if this is something that the server has to do or if it is the gamemode, but maybe at the last round (round 10/10 before the map change) it should say in the text box what the next map is. Even though it isn’t a big deal, it would be nice to see what map is coming up next. Thanks!