Deathrun, players wont spawn unless two of them.


I am after some help to find a config for players to be able to spawn when there is just one of them, rather than two.

Currently, if you join the server, you won’t be able to spawn. When a second player connects in, the match will restart and both players will spawn.

How can I change this?


Which Deathrun gamemode are you using?

MrGash2’s one. Is there any other ones which is available?

Change this to less than 1.

So that worked, but now I just keep re-spawning :c

Of course you do, you set the round to start with only one player in the server but the gamemode restarts the round when there’s less than 1 player per team aka all players on one team are dead, if you change that you WILL break the gamemode… You could add a bot to the server via console (type bot in the srcds console) but that’s as much you can do with just one player.