Deathrun push-collide


I have just released my deathrun server and I am having a problem were when you walk close to a player or even attempt to go through them it pushes you away, many people and myself do not like this. I know that you can fix this because this doesn’t happen to me on any other server. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?



The player collision group is set to COLLISION_GROUP_PUSHAWAY.

Where do I find that and how do I disable the pushing?

Figure out what part of your code is setting their collision group to COLLISION_GROUP_PUSHAWAY and change it to something here (probably 0)

You’d probably want to use COLLISION_GROUP_PLAYER, instead. Not setting the collision group at all should default to that.

Is there any usual location that you can find COLLISION_GROUP_PLAYER? Because I looked all over and still no luck.

Search for any calls to SetCollisionGroup.