deathrun restarts on gravity death

Everytime one of my players dies from gravity the round instantly restarts, these are the only errors

Warning: killicon not found ‘worldspawn’
-[sR]- D3tective was killed by worldspawn
Failed to load sound “physics\flesh\flesh_break1.wav”, file probably missing from disk/repository
Warning: killicon not found ‘worldspawn’

What gamemode? Those errors have nothing to do with what you’re describing.

He’s saying the Gamemode is death run (which one specifically I don’t know) and that those are the ONLY errors in the console. Though you need to provide a bit more info such as map, addons (could possibly be a conflicting one), etc.

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Is that your client or the server console, if it’s your client check the server console for errors and post that.

I’m not getting any errors in the console that I can see. Another error that I just found out happens as well is that when ever one dies from gravity the rounds till map changes goes to 1. I’m still testing for more info.

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My only addons are a models folder, 2 separate custom ulx commands, ulib, ulx, and the pointshop.

Which deathrun gamemode are you using?