Deathrun secrets

On most of the deathrun maps, there are secrets; Secrets that gives you awesome trail, hat or something else. (i.e. Iceworld, steamworks, simpsons, tropical island, helix etc.)
You get those effects when you pick up a certain nade. But why doesn’t it work in my server? It works in CS1.6, CSS even TF2 (I think) but why not Gmod? I’ve only seen secrets enabled in 1 server of all the ones I played in Gmod. I’d like to know how can I do the same? Is there a command? A lua code? Whatever, please I’d really like to know. I want to make it so effects work when I pick up the secret nade in the map.

Thanks in advance.

It depends on the map. They’re usually parented to a weapon like a knife or a grenade.

But what would i have to do?

You have to have CSS grenade SWEPs on your server. Find a SWEP pack on the GMod Workshop and put the grenades in deathrun/entities/weapons/

Do I put the whole addon or just the lua file of the grenade

Just the lua file, and base file if there is one.

Sorry to bring this up but there is no ent file under deathrun now a days? also what should I name the lua file? because stock it is ptp_cs_smokegrenade

Also, create the proper folders to get deathrun/entities/weapons/.