Deathrun server - Weapon spawning help needed

Hello, thanks for viewing.
I’m having some issues with the deathrun server I have.
I’m using .\Shadow}'s deathrun gamemode, the link can be found here:
My issue is: I can’t spawn weapons at the end for the runners to pick up, I’ve googled and everything, nothing seems to help.
I’ve heard of the commands “dr_spawn_weapon smg1” and “dr_save_weapon”, but only dr_save_weapon works.
I can’t spawn any weapons, any help would be appreciated.

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  • Cobain

EDIT: Thank you for rating me for “Dumb”.
All I want/need is to know how to do this, that’s why I posted this.

EDIT: I went into the files and found it, command is: dr_add_weapon.

You need to have weapons inside your entities/weapons folder. Most weapons will begin with weapon_. For example, weapon_crowbar,weapon_smg1, etc etc. you can still use them <- without having weapons inside the folder as they are default weapons.