Deathrun settings?

I am wondering what the best sv_airaccelerate, sv_gravity etc commands are for the best experience while playing Deathrun?

If you want runners to be able to jump over traps easier, set it higher than normal such as sv_airaccelerate 100. sv_airaccelerate 50 is probably a good balance but it’s down to preference. :smile:

Is that all I should change? It seems that they are gaining speed way to easily. I think I need to limit the max velocity they can achieve. I’m not sure how I’d do that as I don’t think there is a MaxVelocity.

I’m not sure about MaxVelocity, sorry. Lowering the sv_airaccelerate will reduce the runners’ ability to gain speed as quickly. :smile:

Reduce the server from 100 tick down to 66 tick

Also i just saw the rest of your posts so i’m going to go ahead and plug my gamemode for you :slight_smile:

It comes standard with a lot of the features that you’re trying to configure (weapons, max speed, server convars)

I actually had that already, but I’m not sure if I installed it wrong or not but I couldn’t see someones name if they were using the mic.