Deathrun Spawn Weapon Change?

Hi, first post here since I couldn’t find a thread to help me.
But basically, in init.lua I changed all the weapon_crowbar to the Swep I would like to use, and added the Swep to the fastdl but players do not spawn with it. Any ideas on how I can have them spawn with it? I changed it back to crowbar for now. It’s a sword from the addons.

Your server must actually have those files too, not just the FastDL.

Please elaborate, I am an idiot. I included the change in the init.lua; I’m not sure what else to do. I changed the weapon_crowbar to the actual weapon I’d like, but when I go in game it doesn’t change and instead shows nothing.

On init.lua seems to need change all weapon_crowbar to weapon, you need.

I changed all of these, and the person still won’t spawn in with it /:
Anyone have any ideas?

With what weapon players spawn after change?

To be honest, I really don’t care at this point. I was trying for this low-quality morrowind remake I found, but now I just want to know how.