Deathrun - Spawning Guns?

So recently I have downloaded a Deathrun for my Server. (Not sure on the name)
All I know is I need to use the command dr_add_weapon but when someone helped me do it and we used noclip to get to the end I do dr_add_weapon smg but I get ‘Invalid weapon’
Or something like that, is there a way to force spawn myself and spawn the weapon without getting ‘Invalid weapon’? I heard there was a way to get the map to do it?

I basicaly need to know everything about spawning weapons then I am good to go :).

Sorry if it sounds stupid, This is the best I could explain!
I would appreciate help ASAP.

The gamemode has no gun SWEPs by default. You’ll have to add them from an addon on the workshop.

I have a steam workshop thing that was added in SteamPipe

But they appear as GMA files in the Addons folder.

And I know What are SWEPs and how do I use them?
I am a major noob I know ._.

First, use only one of the gun addons. It’s pointless to use the realistic weapons and the madcow weapons unless it’s on purpose. Second, you’ll need to extract the .gma’s and rename them from weapon_real_cs_ak47 or whatever the name is to just weapon_ak47. This will make it so the map can spawn the weapons (so you will need to have these as a legacy addon or in the root files, not as a workshop addon). As for the dr_add_weapon weapon_name, a quote from Shadow’s post.

That’s all you need to do!

Also, SWEPs are just weapons.

Now the next problem ;3
How to I extract the gma and what do I change were are they located and after extracting how to i make it into a gma again?

and hpw do I get a legacy addon?

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Sorry, I have done it, a quick google search came up with what I need.


There’s no point in making it a .gma again. That would require reuploading and would just be simpler to use a legacy addon. Legacy addons are just normal addons located in garrysmod/addons

First of all download GMADConv from here

After you do that you extract the GMA file using that program. It converts it into an addon with whatever files it contains (materials, sound, models, lua, etc) After that just follow Shadow’s guide of adding more weapons.

He can just use the stock GMad. I already told him the solution, you just told him what I just said.