Deathrun Weapons

I know you need to download these and rename to the cs version (cs_awp for example) but I did this with a few weapon packs and weapons are still not spawning.
Could someone give me a weapon pack that works for deathrun and tell me what I do with them so I don’t cock it up.

What are you changing the names to?

Don’t worry, I re-went over the instructions and my own stupidity was mucking it up.

I have had multiple players tell me that bhopping is making them go too fast or something, how would I fix that?

Clamp their velocity in a move hook

I did it like this in init.lua:

	if ply:Team() == TEAM_RUNNER then

Would this work?

SetMaxSpeed doesn’t control max velocity. You’ll have to check the player’s velocity and clamp it down.

Some helpful links.