How would I go about making a !redie (allowing dead people to do the map invisible) and taunts for deathrun?

Taunts? Like in DarkRP?

For the invisble spawn millons of props/tdmcars it gonna do it. Second is playing a sound. Just use network to send from client to server to client

I’m just guessing here, on death respawn the player and set his alpha to 0, on round start set each players alpha back to regular.

Or make a separate team that players are forced to join once they die, and make their team alpha color 0.

How can I make another team?

EDIT : Nevermind, but how would I make it force them in to this team"?

ply:SetTeam( teamNumber )

function GM:PlayerDeath( ply )
ply:SetTeam( insert team number here )