****Yet another free-cool deathrun gamemode !

Hello, I’m flash and I present to you another deathrun gamemode. This time without the failure and dumb Private version. This time its free and fully-loaded if you want a nice and good experience for all then watch this thread. I promise you no disappointments. If you suggest something then by god I will add it. If you don’t like lol’s and are all serious then please step away from the formatting of this thread. The gamemode won’t contain the inmaturity. Anyway thank you for even considering looking at this artwork of a gamemode. What I want to add to this gamemode will be idea this isn’t a idea-guy thread and I am actively developing it when I have the time to commit to it. Here is a list of features I plan to have in this gamemode script. Again if you have any then simply suggest it and it will be added.****


[li]Completely Bugfree, non-retarded coding.[/li][li]Contains unique power-ups and a store system.[/li][li]Constantly updated, not abandoned after release.[/li][li]Has proper spectating support, and map loading system.[/li][li]Round-system, and a Votemap / Rock the vote system.[/li][li]Proper function support for any map it can adapt to different maps.[/li][li]Automatic content-loader, will properly add any map you put in content/.[/li][li]Saves player data using GLON so the poor man can run the script.[/li][li]Achievement-System that is properly made and new ones can be added easily.[/li][/ul]


This may seem ambitious for a simple deathrun gamemode, but if you look at the private scripts counter-part it is very simple compared to what I want to give to the community for free. I will deliver to you a properly made Deathrun gamemode. Because most free ones don’t last due to the fact they just stagnate in development.

I am Flash, and I thank you for viewing and reading this thread. I’ll update it when the time is right.

Power ups in Deathrun? I hope thats jetpacks :smiley:

Power ups will be speed boost, jump height boost, and ammo. That will be the power ups at the moment. A jetpack is waaay to overpowering for deathrun LOL.

correct me if im wrong but this isnt the same as blackops deathrun?

This is great. Hopefully you’ll get far with this.

Blackops has deathrun? o.o

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Blackops has deathrun? o.o

The server, not the game.

I hope you will finish this soon , and I think you are the first 1 who start to make me to like Deathrun ! you are a cool guy !

Alright, ive made alot of progress in the week. I finished the map loading system and ALMOST the round system. Still compiling player models and such. Done hands swep and knife swep. Spawn system is done and just barely started on the store.

Pics are it didnt happend.

No really, post some pictures please.

Yeah I don’t have a working verison yet. Im just coding at the moment I wont post until im DONE with it. Jesus . . Anyway heres some snippets of code why should I share this ? ITS GONNA BE FREE to download so you guys will be able to see it anyway . .

function SelectConman()

local ConmanSelecter = table.Random(player.GetAll())


function RoundMap()
local list = file.Find("maps/deathrun_*.bsp", true);
for _, f in pairs(list) do
    table.sort(list, function(a, z) return a > z end);

In my Opinian you don’t need to creat the Store System, just if you need it for your server ! To realease fix just the bugs make a Achievements Menu for the gamemode and then realease it !
I mean make all the stuff what you want but with out " store "

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I don’t think the Jump boost its a good idea becouse on a lot of server its some way to go to the killer , but just if you can jump higger ! and ammo ?? for what , you don’t need a gun .

Does it contain gold?
What about dimonds? :expressionless:

He won’t, script kiddies never get far.

LifePunch (us) recently released another DR server with our own custom gamemode made from scratch.

Basically, right now it’s Sass, BlackOps, and iVG that have the popular DR servers (as in 10 players+ always), then there are already smaller ones with ~3-4 players on and 8-9 at peak. As far as I know, they all use the Fretta DeathRun except for Sass and us ( Hell Sass might even be using a heavily modified version.

I really really really doubt you’ll convince Blackops or iVG to scrap what they have and use your gamemode, so unless you plan on hosting your own server, you may be wasting your time as I think the DR market is sort of saturated atm.

Epic thread jack.

Sassilization are the original creators of the Deathrun gamemode for GMod, they modified nothing, they made updates to their own gamemode.

HFM Gaming. Also I don’t see this game mode nor this thread going any farther.

Come on!!!

Where to download ?