deathrun_aperturelabs - Opinions Wanted

Hello! I’ve been working on a deathrun map for a while now. I thought I could use some opinions of the current progress.

Enough talk. Here are some images.

The lighting is just a placeholder! It’s just to see where I step my foot at the moment!

Here’s a video walkthrough.

Well, what do you think?

(Please not that this isn’t the finished product. Alot will be changed until the end.)

Lighting is very bland throughout and the ceiling looks shit in the first screenshot.

Other than that, it looks nice. Really in-keeping with the portal theme.

Yeah, the lighting is very basic at the moment. It’s just to see where I step my foot.

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Also, I might remove the entire first area (First image) and replace it with an portal-theme elevator area.

I don’t have a reason to feel afraid. I’m pretty sure while running for your life you should be afraid.

BSPzip the portal materials. I’ve done this before and it’s a complete pain in the balls, but it lets people without portal play.

Pakrat and Vide are pretty easy to use when it comes to that stuff.

Pretty cool, I like how in this map Death is behind the glass and controls everything like Glados. Hard to explain. Its awesome.

Except for lighting, looking really good. :buddy: I don’t see that many Portal maps made round here, but this is one of the better ones.

Lighting could use some work, yes.

But … It’s actually the best map (visually) ever made for Death run …so… Who cares ? (haven’t played it, just by looking on pics).

Anyone that’s a half decent mapper. That’s a really silly thing to say.

I know this is kind of nitpicky, but you should add those testchamber edges that all the Portal maps have. It really helps with lighting and makes the map look better.


Also, get some cubemaps on those metal textures.

I have thought about it, I might add it. Also, I got cubemaps, but they arn’t builded yet.

Also, I replaced the respawn area with a new one. Tell me what you think.

Make the lights in that room brighter.

Have some half arsed turrets that are just the turret models with a sprite, laser and whatever the turret entity is called.

I have made some changes from those recent images. When I get home, I’ll upload the images of my current work.

I got also a new trap area to show you guys

Does it piss anyone else off when people say “Lightning” instead of “Lighting”?

On topic: It looks nice, if a little bland, though I suppose most Portal (and deathrun in general) maps are bland.

No, cause it’s a silly thing to get pissed of over. I do however get a bit irritated when people use “should of” instead of “should have” because that just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Anyway. Nice map you got there, with a bit more sense of detail and of course, as mentioned above, some better lighting, this could become a really good map :smile:

It makes me rage when people use “a” instead of “an”.

The of/have thing bugs me on the internet and in real life too. It shortened from have to of because of people talking too fast and nearly skipping the word have, but it became common though it will never be proper.

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Actually only on the internet do I see “should of” because a lot of the time in real life it sounds like should’ve

Huge wall of images ahead.

Here’s some new images of the current progress.