It’s just a quick made map and it’s not the best work I have ever made.

So the feedback is not very important for this map.

But you can comment it.

Infos about the map:

12 Endings

HDR Obviously

5 secrets (not secret endings).

3 musics + 1 special for the special ending :wink:

17 traps or so.

Enjoyable 3D skybox and its environment.

I will release this map for: CSS and HL2:DM and then for CS:GO after some texture modification.

I will also add a link once the uploaders will stop trolling me.

Looks great! There’s something very familiar about the atmosphere in those pics. Sort of reminds me of some scenes from Starship Troopers. Not just because of the antlions either. Just the brightness and architecture. Looks great.

That looks pretty nice, I can tell some traps could be pretty creative here, but it seems you have barely any room between your traps. Generally it’s good to have them spaced out and give the players some walking distance between traps, plus it makes the map harder to bunnyhop through because the activator could rush up to a trap further ahead and catch them, rather than the bunnyhopper blowing through to the end of the map in 10 seconds and the activator not having any chances to catch them.

Lots of endings and secrets sounds good! I think this map would be fun to play, good work.

Also, TF2 deathrun could always use more quality maps, you should port it there too!

Reminds me of dr_combine by Adr1an.

I’ll see what I can do for a TF2 deathrun map for this.

That’s funny because:

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Download link:!bwxVlaoT!HzrqwEI-UVwkQnKTM7mYbuV9cRTxSt3SR9AGdjgCjK4


Looks really neat. I’ll happy download it and give it a go, thanks.

Thanks downloading now about to put it on my server :slight_smile:

Server IP, please.