Deaths World:Max Loot Spawns,Kits,TP,0 decay, share,econ, adv time setting

Looking for a good server without having to worry about watching you back every two seconds. Check out Deaths World. Our server is new and will not be whipped any time soon. We have plenty of open space and our server currently has several mods installed.


  1. Item Removal (Admin Only to prevent floating houses)

  2. Air Drop Frequency

  3. Arrow Recovery

  4. Door Share

  5. /TP for teleport

  6. Server Economy

  7. Chat History

  8. /list

  9. Death Handler

  10. 0 Decay on Houses, Items and Armor

  11. Custom Day/Night Cycle, 60 minute days and 5 minute nights. This can be altered on request

  12. Private Messaging

  13. Player Location for coordinates

  14. Kits

  15. /stats

  16. PVP

  17. Sleepers

  18. Max Loot

  19. Knock, Knock

  20. /help

Any add on can be added to the server at a players request

Our server is currently a 50 slot server and will go up when at capacity. We also run a teamspeak server with IP

The Rust Server IP is

Come in and say High!!!