Deathstroke the Terminator after a kill + TEASER for Slade vs. Wade.

First water edit AND water blood edit, thank god for opacity settings and blur/distort filters.


**Deadpool being released soon, i have to fix the shit with his pants and half of his shirt, you know, the chainmail feather lookin shit.

Deathstroke by LilWasa: **

nice man, glad i could help

Yeah, thanks for the hexes bro.

Looks good.
Except in the first one, it kinda looks like Deathstroke is kinda tipping over, just veeerrrryyy slightly.
Other then that. Is good.

Scalie-tights? I do not like that the sword-man walking away is walking away into a wall.

Is there anything under the bandoleer? If so, you could make that look a hell of a lot more like Deadpool.
Like removing some of the gear, remove the scales on the normal mapping.

I’ve released deadpool, and no, i have no clue really if it has anything under there.

I removed the scales though.