Debug material directory?

I learned modelling yesterday. I’m using Maya 2009. After making a few models, I made a Metal Fan model. But the texture won’t show. Getting the purle and black squares of doom. I did the same as on the other ones.


$modelname MetalFan\MetalFan.mdl
$scale 1
$cdmaterials models\MetalFan
$sequence idle "MetalFan_idle" fps 1
$surfaceprop "metal"

$body studio "MetalFan.smd"

$collisionmodel "MetalFan_phy.smd"

	$mass 8.0

$upaxis Y

It seems to me, and my other models says so too, that it would look for vmt: “materials\models\MetalFan\MetalFan.vmt”


	"$basetexture" "MetalFan"
	"model" 1
	"$envmapmode" 1

And since the basetexture is relative to materials/ it would look for vtf: “materials/MetalFan.vtf”

And my MetalFan.vtf is located in materials folder.

Is there any way to see where it is looking for the vmt?

I’d put the VTF and the VMT in the same directory. Having materials in your base materials directory is not good for organizational reasons.