Debug Questions

Howdy, I always see GMod coders with the errors they get from their console on their screen. How would you come about doing that? I’ve always wanted to have an onscreen debug sort of thing. Thanks in advanced!

By the way I read on the wiki about a few hooks like OnLuaError and such but I still don’t have a clue.

You might be looking for the developer convar. Chuck “developer 1” in your console.

Is there a way I can move it to another part of my screen or no?

You can copy from SRCDS by selecting the little icon in the top left corner of the console, then click edit then mark. Select an area ( columns and rows are independently sized ) then right click on the console to copy…

If you’re not using SRCDS to write code, I’d suggest it to ensure that the code will work on any production server:

Also, if you add -condebug to the client or server then the game / server will create a console.log in the server folder and / or client install dir.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by moving “it” to another part of the screen ( or are you talking about the console output at the top left??? That’s a simple output, you can use contimes x to increase or decrease how many lines show while not in the actual console )…