Testing layers. More of these will come.



“more of these will come”

what, more spinoffs of RielyB’s old massive VR screenshot package?

would be better if it wasn’t so blurred, tbh.


And okay on the blur. I SHEFed the picture a bit.

just sayin’; one picture is enough. you said you’d make more when it’s really not too necessary. want to really use layers effectively? use the displacement filter and add external textures on characters via displacement maps.

Oh, it’s you again. Don’t tell me you are going to try and lecture us about how amazing your screenshot are.

As for the picture, it looks good. Excessive bloom, try and tone it down a little next time? I like this idea, do make more if you’d like.

I didn’t mean I’d make more of this style, I meant more pictures with layers. If that explains it. :v:

Oh and thanks for the tip.


Sorry, when do I lecture about how great I am?

I agree on the bloom though.

Didn’t mean you, i was talking about 69105 D:

Oh sorry. For a second I felt guilty. :smith:

I like combining wireframe and texture rendering.

That’s a neat idea.

Leave him be, he isn’t half as arrogant as he used to be.

is that garrysmod?

Damn thats pretty cool. Can’t tell if I should feel bad for the Prawn if he is dying or not.


Fun Fact: I had to make my own map for this pose. :v:

Whats so fun about that fact?

Whats not fun about it?